How to mount

The mounting positions of the Jump-Blocks are only suggestions, but care should still be taken to ensure the correct alignment of the base plates, otherwise the ergonomic alignment will no longer be correct and the foot will then no longer match the angled position of the rubber block (yellow line).

Picture 01

The base plate can of course also be mounted according to your personal preferences, but make sure that:

  • the notches are correctly aligned (see light blue roundings)

  • it should always be aligned vertically / horizontally (see yellow lines)

Picture 02

  • take a Jump-Block and align it as shown on my Jump-Block product page for your particular model (see picture 01)

  • turn the rubber block to the highest position

Picture 03

  • fold up the pedal

  • position the Jump-Block as close as possible over the edge of the pedal (see yellow line) and also as close as possible to your shin as described in the next step

Picture 04

  • the best position is as close as possible to the leg

  • normally it should look like the picture here

  • the edge of the rubber block (see yellow arrow) should be approximately in the center of the wheel (see yellow line)

  • that's it, in this position the Jump-Block can now be mounted.

Picture 05

If you stick it with my double-sided tape, I do not recommend to ride with it straight away, because the strongest adhesive strength of the tape is reached only after about 72 hours.

This actually applies to all types of tapes and Velcro.
Each adhesive tape needs a certain time to reach the highest possible adhesive strength.