How to rotate

Adjusting/rotating the block!

Please note when adjusting / turning the blocks that they are made of soft TPU and squeeze relatively easily if you press them too hard when turning. It sometimes happens that people fail to turn them because they squeeze the block too tightly when turning or press it against the base plate and it then jams on the axle and cannot slide over the notches.

  • hold the block in such a way that you do not squeeze the thin upper part (see yellow arrows) too hard with your fingers.

  • do not attempt to turn the block if you have not yet mounted the Jump-Blocks to the Wheel.
    You will make things unnecessarily difficult for yourself.

  • Enrique from Recio Wheel shows here very nicely how you should grab the block in the best way and how easy it then can be turned.
    Each block is tested by me before shipping and can be turned so easily. So if it does not work, please try to find the right grip and feel for it.